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Shape the future of green living – answer our stakeholder questionnaire!


As part of the Green Living Areas Mission, the Institutional Dialogue project is seeking input to refine policies and enhance the Mediterranean region’s ecosystem. Help us by answering our questionnaire on stakeholder needs, and join us in shaping the future of green living areas! 

Green living areas represent the effective integration of physical, digital, and human systems in an area, supported by sustainable, continuously improved policies through institutional dialogue, to deliver a sustainable, equitable, prosperous, and inclusive future, and quality of life for its citizens.

However, as a negotiated term covering a wide array of subtopics, the Institutional Dialogue project as part of the Green Living Areas Mission has launched a questionnaire seeking to capture the needs of all relevant stakeholders. Its aim? To better define our action plan to create policy recommendations to improve the quality of life and improve the Mediterranean region’s ecosystem. From policymakers to citizens, your experiences matter and must be taken into account to effectively reshape our living areas.

The questionnaire was released at the Green Living Areas Mission Workshop in Ljubljana last month, and we are looking for even more respondents to join the call and help us understand stakeholder needs for fostering green living areas.

Click here to access the questionnaire. The deadline to reply is 22 December 2023.