Sustainable development, management of living areas, and an integrated vision of the territory’s energy transition are crucial to the quality of life of Mediterranean citizens. Projects will tackle this challenge through the development of greener living areas and will work to minimise their impact on the Mediterranean and the global climate system, focusing on air pollution, energy, and mobility.

Community4LivingAreas - Re-use main objectives

Obtain a set of transferable and replicable tools and outcomes from the thematic projects, to be used in the further phases.


Through the creation of a strong community with synergies and cooperation among the projects, and a clear common direction


Community4LivingAreas - Transfer main objectives

Transferthe community results and enhance their integration into policies to transform and upgrade governance in the Euro Med area


By fostering the replicability of the community know-how and innovative solutions and accompanying the transferring process by engaging with and supporting new takers

Community4LivingAreas - Coordinate main objectives

Achieve jointly developed solutions with multi-level actors, ensuring society involvement through systemic thinking/co-creation approach to tackle governance challenges regarding climate change adaptation, citizens’ well-being and green transition.

Dialogue4LivingAreas - Re-use main objectives

Identification, strengthening, and commitment of 120 key public stakeholders, that will contribute to the sharing and transferring of the thematic projects outputs


Through the capacity-building support mechanism

Dialogue4LivingAreas - Transfer main objectives

The transfer of practices and results to other stakeholders and territories and their integration into multi-level policies and strategies.


Through the multidisciplinary expertise of the partnership and through the EUCLL activities.

Dialogue4LivingAreas - Coordinate main objectives

The Working Community/Association will establish long-term cooperation between 170 key public stakeholders for a sustainable increased coordination and amplification of public initiatives, policies and strategies at Euro-Mediterranean level.