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Interreg Euro-MED Missions for a Mediterranean Green Deal Effective synergies: starting with the right foot

November 21st 2023 – 10.00 – 12.00
House of EU – Dunajska c. 20, 1000 Ljubljana


The organisation of this first joint workshop of the 4 Institutional Dialogue Projects of the Interreg Euro-MED Programme interviewing a number of key Euro-Mediterranean stakeholders on their expectations and interest in the Interreg governance projects was held on the 21st of October 2023 in Ljubjiana, Slovenia.
The meeting was organised in two round tables having representatives from the main organisations at MED level. In presence we had representatives from UfM (Mrs Alessandra Sensi), UNEP / MAP (Patrizia Busolini), EUSAIR (Lovre Karamarko and Matija Pavovlcic), DG Mare (Christos Economou), European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) (Jordi Casas Juan), PRIMA (Omar Amawi) and two online participants, from DG Regio (Gilles Kittel) and the Regional Cooperation Council (Sinisa Marcic).
All the panelists agreed on the need of future coordination, not only between projects, but also between programmes, and underlined their volunty of participating to future exchanges, considering this meeting as the beginning of a cooperation process. They also suggested the integration and implementation of existing policies through the findings produced by our projects.
During the discussion different opportunities of working on strategies that are actually under revision, such as EUSAIR and Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development, were put in evidence. Future opportunities of stakeholders’ engagement were suggested within events such as:
• COP 23 – Barcelona Convention, taking place at the beginning of December 2023 in Slovenia, when a report on the status of the Mediterranean will be presented, with important key findings at the policy level.
• UfM Stakeholders’ Conference on Sustainable Blue Economy, taking place in February 2024 in Athens, another important opportunity of coordination and working on a unitary image of the Mediterranean, keeping together the countries form north and south.