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Thematic Project CO2PACMAN launches their very own podcast!


CO2 PACMAN has launched their very own podcast show, Decarbonizing the Mediterranean Islands. In collaboration with the University of Siena and uRadio, they will take you on a journey to discover co-creation scenarios for the transition towards climate-neutral Mediterranean islands. The Mediterranean area is one of the most affected territories by climate change: air and water temperature increase; extreme events of droughts, heat waves and flash floods; ecosystem health and biodiversity problems, implying risks in food and energy security. Key to tackling such challenges is decarbonisation across all regions globally, with all stakeholders playing their part. CO2PACMAN, a project financed by the Interreg Euro-MED programme, focuses on the decarbonisation of Mediterranean Islands and how they can contribute to the green transition. This podcast aims to engage with the wider public and generate discussion and debate on how the green transition can present a real opportunity for positive change among island communities.

The podcast is available to listen to now on Spotify: Click here. 


CO2PACMAN is one of 19 thematic projects under the Interreg Euro-MED Green Living Areas Mission. Building on outcomes and tools from previous projects such as Interreg Med BLUE DEAL and COMPOSE Plus and the FP7 CityZen, it will provide knowledge and tools to drive the implementation of integrated strategies and policies for the challenge of climate change mitigation and adaptation. With this in mind, it will engage public authorities, citizens and stakeholders to co-create scenarios for the transition towards climate-neutral islands. CO2 Pacman directly refers to the common territorial challenge of establishing climate-neutral economies in the Euro-Med context and worldwide by means of an integrated vision of territories’ transition to sustainable and resilient communities. Contextually, it promotes multi-purpose actions for climate change mitigation/adaptation, based on exploiting and promoting local knowledge and assets, ensuring inclusive and sustainable growth, energy security and improved quality of life, demonstrating how these challenges are deeply interconnected.

The kickoff meeting of the project was hosted by the city of Siena last March, during the three-day event, ten partners from seven European countries involved in the project activities met each other for the first time. The event was led by Professor Simone Bastianoni, from the University of Siena. uRadio, as an associated partner of UNISI, has become part of this participatory process which sees various actors involved, as they believe that the voice of university students is fundamental towards sustainable development in the Mediterranean islands.