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Green Living Areas Mission’s Dialogue4LivingAreas project partners meet in Nice to discuss the launch of the Institutional Dialogue process

On 12-13 February 2024, Dialogue 4 Living Areas partners convened in Nice, France to kickstart the Institutional Dialogue for Green Living Areas. Find out all about it in the article below!

The Institutional Dialogue Project for Green Living Areas, had its partner meeting on the 12 and 13 of February 2024 in Nice, France. The meeting gathered all project partners to discuss the Institutional Dialogue process. The Institutional Dialogue for Green Living Areas aims to amplify the transfer of policies by fostering dialogue among policymakers and public stakeholders, focusing on continuous policy improvement and transformation as well as identifying and ensuring significant long-term cooperation on public policy instruments at the Euro-Mediterranean level, for an improved quality of life of citizens.

Capitalising on the Thematic Projects: partners dive in

Partners were able to reflect on the approach towards the Thematic Projects’ topics and public partners. A list of key public stakeholders derived from the thematic projects, along with outcomes from their policy mapping exercise was prepared. This process aims to identify successful solutions and insights for green living areas, supporting Thematic Projects in capitalising their results into policies. The goal is also to assist policymakers and associated project stakeholders and engage selected key Euro-Mediterranean stakeholders to support the Institutional Dialogues and the Living Labs Methodology. So far, 79 policies have been identified, with 63 operating on a local scale and covering numerous themes, such as climate change adaptation, renewable energy, low-carbon mobility, waste management, water use and management, and more. The discussion also focused  on the criteria for the policymaking prioritisation and on the policy ranking sheets that will be produced. So far 7 criteria have been identified. The preliminary results and initial ranking will be presented at the kick-off meeting of the Green Living Areas Mission in Turin, Italy, next April.

The identified policies, which will be updated by the Thematic Projects, will be considered potential policies for discussion during the organised Living Labs, a methodology that will be used by the Institutional Dialogue Project. This methodology offers guidance on how to implement the policy dialogues and engage stakeholders (namely local/national authorities, European institutions, associations, networks, cooperation programmes, macro-regional strategies) and specify the public transversal Euro-Mediterranean Living Lab activities.

Next steps

Next in line for the Institutional Dialogue Project is the organisation of a session during the Mission’s kick-off event on the 10-11 of April 2024 in Turin, Italy presenting the Institutional Dialogue Process. This session will focus on the Institutional Dialogue Process, aiming to exchange insights with the lead and public partners of the Thematic Projects. The goal is to assess the potential to transform project results into public policies, co-create corresponding developments at the policy level, and evaluate public partners’ interest in Green Living Areas aspects. Additionally, during the European Week of Regions and Cities (EUWRC 2024) in Brussels, in October, the first Institutional Dialogue is intended to take place.

Stay tuned as we reveal more in the upcoming months!